The Real estate law and construction are one of the main areas of our activity. Our rich experience in the handling of large real estate investment projects allows us to provide legal support of the highest quality in this area. We combine expert knowledge in the field of real estate law with excellent insight of the corporate and tax aspects as well as insight into economic realities. This means that we provide complex advice and are responsible for the entire legal aspect of the transaction.

Our experience also covers the handling of investors in the field of renewable energy, especially within the scope of wind energy. Furthermore, we have a large know-how in the field of researching the legal status of real estate (due diligence), especially in Warsaw.

We indicate significant risks related to the acquisition of a given property and always present our Clients with concrete recommendations.

The legal advice we provide in this field consists of, i.a.:

drafting of real estate sale agreements and counsel in the subject to sellers as well as to buyers,

representation of the parties to the contract of real estate sale, leading of negotiations and tax optimization for real estate sale/buy transactions,

preparation of agreements related to the real estate investment process such as general contractor agreements, architect agreements, supervision agreements,

drafting of agreements related to the use of property, including lease agreements,

representation in administrative proceedings concerning real estate,

due diligence of real estate.